92,000 تومان

Type: Vidar
Turf density: 18 knots per 10 cm
Turf height: 45 mm
Color: Emerald green, dark green with brown chocolate highlights
Thread type: Monoflament
Thread quality: 8,300 (Dtex)
Turf weight: 3.6 kg
Turf baking: RBL
Roll size: 2 m x 15 m
Note: each item can be changed based on the request
Prices are based on each square meter



Product overview:

Vidar artificial turf with a height of 45 mm and a density of 18 knots per 10 cm, along with beautiful and thick threads, is one of the best-quality products of Manaplast co. This turf has C-shaped turfs and with emerald and dark green and brown chocolate highlights is one of the best-selling products in Iran. Proper price and high density as well as nice colors are the most important features of this product.


Roof garden, villa, around pool, terrace, between mosaics, outdoor areas, children play grounds, kindergartens


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