76,000 تومان

Thread size: 35 mm
Thread type: Monoflament V-shaped (PP & PE)
Color: Olive green, light green with small yellow highlights
Density: 16,000
Dtex: 9400
Backing: RBL
Roll size: 2 m x 15 m
Note: Each item can be changed based on the request
Prices are based on each square meter.




The Victoria artificial turf is one of the best-known turfs in the Iranian market. The threads of this product are 35 mm high and have a density of 16 knots per 10 cm. The strength of it is due to its V-shaped threads. This special shape helps the threads to withstand against reparative stresses, including walking.
Victoria turf is one of the best-selling of its kind in the world, and the shape and quality of the thread have the highest resistance to decoloring in this product.

The most important uses of this product:

Terrace, balcony, roof garden, gardens, pool, yard, private playground, between stones and mosaics, educational areas, kindergartens, outdoor living environments, etc.


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