51,000 تومان

Thread size: 25 mm
Thread type: Monofilament with two texture (PP & EP)
Color: Dark olive green without yellow thread
Density: 13,000
Backing: RBL
Roll size: 2 m x 15 m
Note: Each item can be changed based on the request
Prices are based on each square meter.



Product Overview:

Green Artificial turf has monofilament threads and a height of 25 mm. The colors of the turf are green and lemony yellow with green interior texture. Basically, the interior texture of the artificial turf is yellow or brown, but Green’s interior texture is green. The density of this turf is 14 knots per 10 cm. The appropriate price for this product has resulted in using it in a variety of environments. One of the advantages of the Green is that the threads are similar to the letter C, and this special shape of the threads will help them stand out more.
Those who want to use artificial turf for different uses, and also do not want it to cost a lot of money, the GREEN model is the best suggestion for them.

The most important uses of this product:

Doormats, under vases, terraces and balconies, patios, kindergartens and educational centers, studios, stores and game centers, pets areas and so on.


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