Three-layer Composite Bag

Type: Three-layer composite bag
Width: 40, 50, 57 cm
Length: 40-110 cm
Color: white, brown
Weight: 160 gr/m2
Material: Paper, Nylon, Gunny
Proof: Sun proof
Brand: Pink
Minimum Order: At least 250 pieces of the standard size (Optional sizes: at least 3000 pieces)



  • Packing of food and livestock products (Pharmaceutical and food supplements for livestock and poultry)
  • Packing of nuts, beans, agricultural seeds, spices, etc.
  • Packing of powder materials (Various dried milk, cheese powder, bread crumbs, etc.
  • Packing of granular materials (master batch, etc.)
  • Packing of various painting powders
  • Packing of various minerals

Note: All three-layer composite bags are licensed by the Ministry of Health (food & Drug Administration)


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