Date Bag

  • Protection of date clusters against dust and dirt
  • Protection against birds, bees and other insects
  • Protection against pests such as oligonychus afrasiaticus, Batrachedra amydraula Meyr, etc.
  • Reduction in palm drainage
  • Prevention of date falling and loss
  • Easy installation, usage, and collection
  • Protection against hot and dry winds


The design and variety of these clips are the best in terms of resistance and maintenance.
By reviewing and testing different types of installation clips in European and Asian markets, Manaplast produces and supplies specific clips for installing nets. These clips, while lighter than the existing one in the country, have simplicity and efficiency compared to them. As a result, installing and using are easier, safer, and less expensive for all kinds of nets like Shading greenhouse net, construction safety net, anti-freeze net, etc.


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