Manaplast began its professional business in the field of manufacturing and distributing various types of PP Sacks and Rolls since 1999 in Tehran. We have been a reputable distributor of PP Sacks and Rolls across Iran and neighboring countries through prioritizing our customers’ needs as well as producing high quality products at affordable prices. Manaplast, as one of the largest exporters of various sacks, has always safeguarded its customers’ interests by leveraging new technologies and quality enhancements. We always focus on quality and try to deliver a wide range of products from the best manufacturers to our customers. These products include PP Sacks & Rolls, and Three-layer Composite Bags, as well as a variety of Greenhouse Nets, Shade Nets, Construction nets, and artificial turf.

We appreciate your trust

Very competitive rate

Having a competitive, logical and appropriate rate has been one of the principles of Manaplast Co. over the past two decades. Our old Customers are aware of this feature and this has brought us long-term cooperation with them.

Best quality

We believe that “quality is always the best advertisement”. The quality has guaranteed our successful and long-term presence in Iran and the Middle East, and we are proud to have achieved this superior quality with domestic production in the country.


Honesty is always a priority for Manaplast Co., and trustworthiness is a fundamental principle of our success. Our team has always consider trust, loyalty and honesty as the top of its policies.

Reliable and honest services

Two decades of activity in the business have brought a unique experience for Manaplast Co., in which to provide the best service to its customers. This experience, along with creativity and initiative, has become more valuable and has resulted in customer satisfaction.