85,000 تومان 82,000 تومان

Type: Fine
Thread type: Monoflament (PP &EP)
Thread color: Olive green, light green with small yellow highlights
Thread quality: 8,000 (Dtex)
Turf weight: ¾ kg
Turf backing: RBL
Roll size: 2 m x 15 m
Note: Each item can be changed based on the request
Prices are based on each square meter.




Velvet threads with a height of 40 mm, a density of 20 knots per 10 cm, and a very beautiful and luminous color, has made the Fine Artificial Turf one of the most special products of the Manaplast company. The thread of this product, due to their softness and fineness, are the best products for contact with human skin, especially children.
Fine Turf can be safely used in any space. Although the thread of this product are very soft and graceful, the high quality used in its production has made this turf a product of high quality and suitable for customers.

The most important uses of this product:

Terrace, balcony, roof garden, gardens, pool, yard, private playground, between stones and mosaics, educational areas, kindergartens, outdoor environments, etc.


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