Construction Safety Net

Type: Construction Safety Net
Width: Based on customer request up to 10.5 m (standard width: 3.15)
Length: Optional (standard: 50 m)
Color: white, dark green (Optional)
Shading percentage (texture density): %80 (%30, %50, %60 – optional)
Proof: Resistant to decay and rupture caused by sunlight, wind, rain
Brand: Pink Co.
Minimum Order: Optional



Lifting different instruments
Packaging different home tools
Durable to carry heavy tools
Due to low weight, good for moving tools on domestic and foreign travels\

It is used to secure buildings and workshops under construction and has the following advantages:
1. Protection against falling waste, dust, tools, materials, as well as incidents
2. Protection against direct sunlight, wind, snow and rain
3. Homogeneous lighting and air in semi-completed buildings
4. Hiding construction for urban beauty
5. Low pressure on the structure due to its low weight
6. Resistance to sunlight due to anti-UV materials and durability until the end of the project
7. Low noise, rupture, shaking during wind blowing due to air movement through the net pores
8. Easy and quick installation using the company’s pins with no rupture at the junctions
Manaplast is the best manufacturer of all kinds of protection nets such as: Safety Net, anti-freeze Net, Shade Greenhouse Net

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