58,000 تومان

Thread size: 25 mm
Thread type: Monofilament with two tissue structure (PP & PE)
Color: Olive green, light green and small yellow highlights
Density: 20,000
Dtex: 7300
Backing: RBL
Roll size: 2 m x 15 m
Note: Each item can be changed based on the request
Prices are based on each square meter.



Product Overview:

The Artificial turf, Breeze is one of the specialties of the Manaplast Company. This product comes with special monofilament threads, 25 mm high thread and 20 knots per 10 cm, which is a product that has a reasonable price. The color of the thread is a pale green with a yellow interior texture, but high density has given it a special softness and flexibility for turf that works for different environments.
This product is most commonly used for environments where families or children and young people intend to play.

The most important uses of this product:

Kindergartens and educational environments, playgrounds, private playgrounds, play centers


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