Simple Sack Bag

Type: Simple Sack Bag
Width: 25cm-2.25m, (bags or roll optional)
Length: Optional
Color: White, Orange, Green, Blue, Black (Optional)
Weight: 41-250 gr/m2
Size: Optional
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Proof: Not by default (Can change considering costumer order)
Brand: Pink
Minimum Order: At least 1,000 bags for routine sizes in the market (For customized sizes at least 5,000 bags)




  • Packing of construction material (e.g. plaster, cement, etc.)
  • Packing of beans and cereals
  • Packing of flour, cubes, sugar
  • Packing of petrochemical products
  • Packing of chemical and animal fertilizers
  • Packing of agricultural products
  • Packing of supplements, vitamins, livestock& poultry food
  • Packing of all types of fabrics and clothes


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